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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Friday, 11 December 2009

Music in Garageband

Today in lesson we tried to use Garageband to make music for our opening. The kind of music that I think we should have in our opening should be quite classical. This is because the era that the opening is set in would go well together with classical instruments such as violins as these were the types of instruments in this time period.
Even though we are going to use string instruments I still want the music to have an eerie and have alot of tension in it to add dramatic tension into our film.
We will soon be going to the CLC centre where we will have a lesson on how to use Garageband properly, then we will be able to make our music sound exactly how we want.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

How to use Garageband

This is a useful video that does into detail about how to use garageband.

Our Jack the Ripper Analysis

We decided to show a rough edit of our film to an audience to see what they thought about it. One part of our film seemed unclear to the audience that watched it. At the very start of our film the woman pauses for a short while before she starts to walk. To the audience it seemed as though she was waiting for no reason however there is a reason for her to wait.
The woman is adjusting her clothes as she has just been to one of her 'clients' houses and is sorting herself out before she sets off on her way.
Also, we have a shot of the knife with fake blood on it. However, because we used the nightmode on the camera the fake blood looked transparent and almost like water. Therefore, we might change the colour of the fake blood in iMovie into red or a darker colour in order to make the blood look more real.