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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Garageband at the CLC Centre

On wednesday our media class went to the CLC centre to get some help and guidence on how to use garageband. While we were being taught how to use the music software properly we also began to play around and make our own thriller film music.
In my group we all were using very similar sounds and loops from garageband and Michelea came up with the best and most creepy sounding music that we think will work well with our film opening, when we receive our saved pieces of work from the centre we will play the music with our film and see how the two pieces fit together.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Credits & Title

Last night we finished the credits for our film opening.
Firstly we wanted to have our names incorparated with the newpapers articles however it was hard to place the names and titles in the right places. So now we decided to place the titles in with diffrent shots. For example one of the actors names comes up when they are on screen and goes when they exit the shot.
The credits and titles have all been edited to fade in and fade out of the shots. By using a fade in and out it fits in with film as Jack the Ripper keeps appearing and disappearing in the film, the credits match Jack the Rippers movements.
The font called papyrus and is in red, we decided to use the font has it look almost scribbled down as if Jack the Ripper may have written it himself. Also we decided to use the colour red to represent blood and anger as it fits in with the film.
We also concluded on a name for the film, we decided to call it 'Ripped' as it ties in with the murderers name and what he done to his victims.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Last night I went to watch the film Avatar, lots of my friends and family had already been to see it and I had always heard that it was an amazing film to watch. Everyone said it was even better when watched in 3D so I did. Avatar was brilliant throughout the film I was completely mesmorised and captured in the world that had been created.
The storyline was great and almost had a current, up to date theme about deforestation. The characters and creatures where so imaginative in the world Pandora. Also, the 3D effects just made the film even more amazing.
Another part of the film i really like was the music, it always blended and highlighted with the scenes that where happening so well. And even though there was quite alot of high action scenes in the film the music really helped the action going.
In our own film i think that the music is quite hard to make or find. And I believe that the music is a key part of our film. And we need to really focus on how to make the music as effect and strong as we can.
However I honestly recomend everyone going to see Avatar.