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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Importance of Opening Credits

This is a good website that describe to you in detail the importance of having strong opening credits.
Its called - The Art of the Title Sequence.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Jack The Ripper Tour

On Monday Me and Emily went on a Jack The Ripper tour around London, White Chapel.
The tour took us around different places where the murders took place, and described actually how each of them died. All but one of Jack the Rippers victims had there throats cut twice deeply apart from one only had one cut.
The places and stories that the tour guide told us about have given us ideas about our 2 minute film. The events that happened have helped us think of ways to shoot our opening.

The Tour Company

Church where many of the prostitutes would walk around day and night.

Street at White Chapel.

The first police telephone box in the area.

Ten Bells Pub.

White Chapel.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Practice Filming

Today in Friday's lesson we were handed out our filming equipment. Once we was given the equipment we went around school and tried out different shots. We decided to focus on certain shots that we might use in our 2 minute film.

After we had filmed a couple of minutes of shots we then imported the clips on iMovie so that we could then practice editing.
Today went really well and we have already decided on shots that we definitely want to use in our 2 minute film. I cant wait until we start filming!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Film Credits

I have been researching into film openings and credits.
In the Dexter opening there is not lots of credits, but I like the way the have written DEXTER then with the drops of blood around it. Also, I think it is a really effective opening as it is mainly close up shots and has implied horror.

Film Research

We found an extra resource for our Jack the Ripper film, it is a Batman comic that has been set in the time era when Jack the Ripper was around.

I think that this comic strip looks really good. I like the street scene at the bottom and the picture of Jack the Rippers hand across the woman's face. Also, I like the costumes that you can see in the comic. The It has given us lots of ideas about how to shoot our 2 minute opening.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Exam work

Thursday, 15 October 2009

In Depth Analysis (Example)

Next time I need to do an analysis, I can then refer to this to help me.

Preliminary Video

When our groups Preliminary Exercise was showeed in my Media lesson the audience thought that there were certain aspects that would of improved our scene and filming.

In the pan shot of Emily entering the room, we cut off the top of Emilys head. Therefore, next time we film the directors behind the camera need to ensure that the camera is positoned in the right place.

The audience also saw that we needed to check our audio and editing was corret. This was because, some of Michaelas hand movements were in the wrong place and some words in the dialouge were repeated as a result of the editing.

After having the audience comment on our Preliminary Exercise it has helps us to focus on all the aspects that we need to consider when we start filming our 2 minute opening.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Preliminary Task

This is our groups story board:


Preliminary Scrpit:

Plot- Argument between two friends. Cause for the argument being late
Actors- Michaela and Emily
Directors- Jessica and Dominique
Emily- (walking through the door)
Emily- (sits down)
Michaela- Where have you been Em? I've been waiting for half an hour.
Emily- I'm really sorry. I thought we were meeting at half one.
Michaela- You do this all the time. Next time I'll tell you to come an hour early.
Emily- God! I said I'm sorry
Michaela- Whatever!
(End of scene)

Our preliminary excercise went really well. Michaela and Emily did not mess up or corpse when they had to say their lines therefore, as a director I found it quite easy, as we did not have to keep re-taking shots. As you can see from our storyboard we filmed different shots and camera angles.
However, when it came filming the scene we decided to add a few extra shots. We added a close up shot of Michaela's face to show her emotion, and then a pan for when Emily enters the room and sits down.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Research for Jack the Ripper.

Our group has had another idea for our 2 minute film. We had the idea to base the film around Jack the Ripper.

Information: from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_the_Ripper
Jack the Ripper is a pseudonym given to an unidentified serial killer active in the largely impoverished Whitechapel area and adjacent districts of London in late 1888. The name originated in a letter sent to the London Central News Agency by someone claiming to be the murderer.

The victims were women earning income as prostitutes. Most victims' throats were slit, after which the bodies were mutilated. The removal of internal organs from three of the victims led some officials at the time of the murders to propose that the killer possessed anatomical or surgical knowledge.

Newspapers, whose circulation had been growing during this era,bestowed widespread and enduring notoriety on the killer because of the savagery of the attacks and the failure of the police to capture the murderer.

Because the killer's identity has never been confirmed, the legends surrounding the murders have become a combination of genuine historical research, folklore, and pseudohistory. Many authors, historians, and amateur detectives have proposed theories about the identity of the killer and his victims. This has given rise to the term Ripperologist to describe professionals and amateurs who study and analyze the case.

Also Michaela found that there are many tours where you can walk around London to try and understand more about Jack the Ripper and his vitcims.

Jack the Ripper Tour - http://www.jack-the-ripper-walk.co.uk/

Preliminary Exercise

On Wednesdays lesson one group completed their preliminary exercise. I obsereved their group to help understand the diffrent angles and shots, and to help me when our group does ours. From watching the first group I learnt that to make the editing easier, we should say a number before each shot so that we know which take is better. Also, it is better to have more film rather than not enough, then we can edit and cut off the scenes.