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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Rape scene Cut

When we first filmed our opening we decided to show the whole rape scene where we see the actual attack on the victim. However, we later decided to cut the rape scene out and just have the attack implied.

By having the rape taken out it lets the audiences imagination run wild into what happened to the vitctim and it also leaves the audience on the edge as it is only the opening of the film. So the audience think they get to find out what happened to the victim if the continue to watch.

Classification Continued

BBFC reference AFF171359
Feature Film
Classified 31 October, 2001 .
Run Time 122m 12s
Consumer Advice:
Contains strong gory violence, drug use and language
This work was passed with no cuts made.

This is from the bbfc website, I search the film which was related to our own Jack the Ripper film, it is "From Hell" (2001).

This film has been given certificate 18 due to strong violence, drug use and language.

However, for our own film we have decided to have the certificate 15. This is due to the fact that there is only violence and language is appropriate to the cerificate rating and the horror is implied. By having our film at a certificate rating of 15 our film can viewed by a wider audience than if it was an 18.

Below is the bbfc cerfitcate 15 guidelines that are appropiarte to our film or that our film may contain:


Drug taking may be shown but the film as a whole must notpromote or encourage drug misuse. The misuse of easilyaccessible and highly dangerous substances (for example,aerosols or solvents) is unlikely to be acceptable.


Strong threat and menace are permitted unless sadistic or sexualised.


There may be frequent use of strong language (for example,‘fuck’). The strongest terms (for example, ‘cunt’) may beacceptable if justified by the context. Aggressive or repeateduse of the strongest language is unlikely to be acceptable.


Nudity may be allowed in a sexual context but withoutstrong detail. There are no constraints on nudity in a non-sexual or educational context.SexSexual activity may be portrayed without strong detail.There may be strong verbal references to sexual behaviour,but the strongest references are unlikely to be acceptableunless justified by context. Works whose primary purpose issexual arousal or stimulation are unlikely to be acceptable.


Violence may be strong but should not dwell on the inflictionof pain or injury. The strongest gory images are unlikely tobe acceptable. Strong sadistic or sexualised violence is alsounlikely to be acceptable. There may be detailed verbal references to sexual violencebut any portrayal of sexual violence must be discreet andhave a strong contextual justification.

Classification Research

Here is the official Classification guidelines from the bbfc on film certificates:

Classification Guidelines

There is also the Students guide to film certificates from the bbfc it talks about the history behind certificates, and how the rating system works:

Student Guide to Bbfc

Ripper draft 2

Here is the next edited draft of our film. We have added credits the title and tightened up our editing.