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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Friday, 19 March 2010

Changing Credits 2

After changing the font and showing the film opening to an audience, the feedback was that the font was harder to read in certain peoples names as their was a thin black outline around them. Therefore, we decided to keep the font in red but got rid of the thin black outline and made it all red instead. By changing the colour and making the font slightly bigger the font does not blend into the background as much and was clearer to read.

Changing Credits

Originally for our credits we used the font Papyrus that was in iMovie however after we decided that the font we had chosen did not fit well with the time period that our film opening was set in.

However, in iMovie we were limited to the fonts that we could use and many of them were very modern.
We later found a website http://www.1001freefonts.com/ which we could download fonts from.
We were trying to find a creepy font that looked similar to the handwriting of Jack the Ripper, we tried many different fonts such as 'A Charming Font', 'Slammer Tag', 'Deportees' and others. Most of them looked creepy and handwritten but either the whole group did not agree on the font or the font did not fit properly with time era.
Finally we found the font 'Schoon' which we all agreed that the font looked similar to Jack the Rippers and suited the time period of 1888.

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