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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Credits & Title

Last night we finished the credits for our film opening.
Firstly we wanted to have our names incorparated with the newpapers articles however it was hard to place the names and titles in the right places. So now we decided to place the titles in with diffrent shots. For example one of the actors names comes up when they are on screen and goes when they exit the shot.
The credits and titles have all been edited to fade in and fade out of the shots. By using a fade in and out it fits in with film as Jack the Ripper keeps appearing and disappearing in the film, the credits match Jack the Rippers movements.
The font called papyrus and is in red, we decided to use the font has it look almost scribbled down as if Jack the Ripper may have written it himself. Also we decided to use the colour red to represent blood and anger as it fits in with the film.
We also concluded on a name for the film, we decided to call it 'Ripped' as it ties in with the murderers name and what he done to his victims.