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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ideas for Film Title

Our group has been trying to think of a name for our Jack the Ripper themed film.
Some of the names that we thought to call it were:
* The Silver Knife - as this was the main weapon that Jack the Ripper used. However, we thought that the audience would not immediately associate the film title with Jack the Ripper.
* 1988 - which is the year that the murders took place, but in order to relate the film with the title we would need to explore the year in more depth and explicitly make the audience aware that the murders took place in 1888. Which I personally do not feel is needed and that we should think of a more catchy, gripping title name.

Finally, Dom watched the a comedy film 'Scary Movie' which mocks horror films. She really liked the opening title shot of the knife cutting through the screen and the text (Scary Movie) come up. She showed the rest of the group and we all loved the credits, which have given us some more ideas for our own.