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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Full Shot Analysis of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

The first shot is an establishing shot, its also a wide shot this is setting a scene for the opening of the film and showing us that the location is in a jungle. The shot then stays in the same place but slightly and smoothly zooms out as Harrison Ford crosses in front of the camera and stands in front of the view so that all we can see is his back and his silhouette.
Again, the camera stays in the same place as more characters cross in front of the camera, then the camera slowly pans upwards to show us a midshot of more characters that cross the screen.

The camera then moves away to the next shot which is of characters moving through the jungle, it is a long shot as we can see the head and the feet of all the characters. The camera moves with the characters as they walk through the jungle, this is called a pan shot follow and probably used a track and a dolly to achieve a smooth shot. The camera then just zooms in and out into various people just so that we get a sense of the types of characters in the scene and the location surrounding them.

We then quickly see a cut in of Harrison Ford’s feet walking towards the camera while the camera is placed on the floor. The shot then goes to a mid shot behind the characters heads as they are still moving through the jungle. Throughout the whole opening we still have not directly seen the front of Harrison Ford’s face the camera has always either been behind him or on cut ins of certain parts of him.

There is then a point of view shot from one of the characters as he is pulling back leaves and branches as he walks through the jungle he all of a sudden is confronted by a big stone ancient statue. The shot then zooms out to a mid shot, as the character to run off screaming.
Then there is a cut away shot is shows Harrison Ford walking towards the statue, then of the reactions of the other guides as they see the statue then back to the shot of Harrison ford standing in front of the statue, and finally back to the faces and reactions of the guides which is also a two shot.