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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Sunday, 20 September 2009


In class we have been trying to decided on a genre. We thought of many differnt genres such as Thrillers, Rom Coms, Chick Flicks, Comedys, Horrors. But the most popular choices seemed to be Thrillers/Horrors and Comedys.
I am personally leaning more towards Thrillers because i think they will make a better and stronger opening to our 2minute film. Also, in the opening of many thrillers the audience doesnt need to actually show something in order to make it scary. They just see flashes, blurred images or scary sounds to make it scary. Whereas if we attempt to make a comedy then we will need to have a very good idea for the opening, otherwise the audience will not be able to tell it is a comedy or will not find it funny.