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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Jack The Ripper Tour

On Monday Me and Emily went on a Jack The Ripper tour around London, White Chapel.
The tour took us around different places where the murders took place, and described actually how each of them died. All but one of Jack the Rippers victims had there throats cut twice deeply apart from one only had one cut.
The places and stories that the tour guide told us about have given us ideas about our 2 minute film. The events that happened have helped us think of ways to shoot our opening.

The Tour Company

Church where many of the prostitutes would walk around day and night.

Street at White Chapel.

The first police telephone box in the area.

Ten Bells Pub.

White Chapel.


Miss Foster said...

Fantastic Jess! You actually went on it - were you scared??

How was it? Enjoy it??

It looks great as research on your blog...

Jessica Priddle said...

Yeah Me and Emily went together. We only just managed to get there on time.
But it was really good, I would of liked to have seen more places like scary alleys and stuff, but it was great and quite scary!