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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Preliminary Task

This is our groups story board:


Preliminary Scrpit:

Plot- Argument between two friends. Cause for the argument being late
Actors- Michaela and Emily
Directors- Jessica and Dominique
Emily- (walking through the door)
Emily- (sits down)
Michaela- Where have you been Em? I've been waiting for half an hour.
Emily- I'm really sorry. I thought we were meeting at half one.
Michaela- You do this all the time. Next time I'll tell you to come an hour early.
Emily- God! I said I'm sorry
Michaela- Whatever!
(End of scene)

Our preliminary excercise went really well. Michaela and Emily did not mess up or corpse when they had to say their lines therefore, as a director I found it quite easy, as we did not have to keep re-taking shots. As you can see from our storyboard we filmed different shots and camera angles.
However, when it came filming the scene we decided to add a few extra shots. We added a close up shot of Michaela's face to show her emotion, and then a pan for when Emily enters the room and sits down.


Miss Foster said...

That's exACTly the kind of blogged up lesson I'm after - well done you!

Now how come I can't see your storyboard? How did you get it into your blog - did you try and source it? Or just add an image..? Was it scanned? Tell me tell me tell me

Miss Foster said...

Jess, I can see your storyboard! Don't know why couldn't view it at work, but yep, it appears in your blog and when you click on it, it takes you to photobucket.
Well done you - first storyboard!!