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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Research for Jack the Ripper.

Our group has had another idea for our 2 minute film. We had the idea to base the film around Jack the Ripper.

Information: from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_the_Ripper
Jack the Ripper is a pseudonym given to an unidentified serial killer active in the largely impoverished Whitechapel area and adjacent districts of London in late 1888. The name originated in a letter sent to the London Central News Agency by someone claiming to be the murderer.

The victims were women earning income as prostitutes. Most victims' throats were slit, after which the bodies were mutilated. The removal of internal organs from three of the victims led some officials at the time of the murders to propose that the killer possessed anatomical or surgical knowledge.

Newspapers, whose circulation had been growing during this era,bestowed widespread and enduring notoriety on the killer because of the savagery of the attacks and the failure of the police to capture the murderer.

Because the killer's identity has never been confirmed, the legends surrounding the murders have become a combination of genuine historical research, folklore, and pseudohistory. Many authors, historians, and amateur detectives have proposed theories about the identity of the killer and his victims. This has given rise to the term Ripperologist to describe professionals and amateurs who study and analyze the case.

Also Michaela found that there are many tours where you can walk around London to try and understand more about Jack the Ripper and his vitcims.

Jack the Ripper Tour - http://www.jack-the-ripper-walk.co.uk/