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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Film Upload

Unfortunately due to the camera not being able to pick up the light and therefore not being able to see the actors in some shots, we have decided to re-film the whole of our opening.
When we uploaded the film onto the computer it was very hard to see the actors at all especially in the walking through the alley shots.
We could not just re-film certain shots as this would not follow the continuity of the film, because in some shots in would be raining and then in other shots it would not.
Although in certain shots the fact that the characters drifted in and out of light and visibility worked well. Especially for the character of Jack the Ripper it highlighted his movements as he was going in and out of the shadows.

Our group was disappointed that we are going to have to re-film our opening, however we now know what to do in order to make the shots more effective. Next time we film we are going to stick exactly to our storyboard and do it almost in the exact order it should be. Therefore, we will not miss out any shots or action that we want to include.
Furthermore, I feel that we rushed our first shoot due to the weather so this time as a group we need to take time in setting up the angles and shots so that we get the best possible results.
We also need to add more angles and extent the length of our shots. This way when it comes to us having to edit the film we will have more variety and film to add to our opening.