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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Jack the Ripper Costume Research

Male Costume

For our opening for our film I have been looking into the costumes that that I would like the actors to wear. For the character of Jack the Ripper I would like them to wear an all black outfit.
We decided to have the film back in the 1800s rather than a modern Jack the Ripper.
Therefore, to make the costume fit into that time period I would like the actor to wear a black top hat, a black cape of long coat, black suit trousers, and black shoes. By having the costume in black it helps the character to seem lurking in the shadows and mysterious.

Female Costume

For the woman's costume in our film, I wanted to have a traditional woman's dress. However it would not have to look very rich or expensive because the women that Jack the Ripper targeted were not wealthy. They were poor prostitutes.
Therefore, the actresses costume would be a for a simple dress maybe with a petticoat type dress underneath, also a pair of small black shoes. This then shows that she is from that time period and does not have alot of money.


Miss Foster said...

Love the images you've used Jess - well done