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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Filming Jack the Ripper Re-Shoot

Last night our group decided to re-shoot the opening to our two minute film.
The filming went really well from the start of the shoot the whole group felt a lot more comfortable and confident about the film.
We decided to follow the storyboard exactly so that we knew exactly want shots we had done and what we needed to do. I felt that we were a lot more organised and we knew the shots and action that we wanted to film.
We decided to shoot the inside scene that is of Jack the Ripper looking onto a board of all newspaper clippings and articles about him and his murders. (first image) We turned off the lights and switched on the night mode. As it was still difficult to see we used a phone light to add more light onto the board. Once we use the extra phone light the shots came out really well.
After we had filmed this we then went to Gentelmen's Row and continued to shoot the rest of the shots outisde. We decided to film in the order that we planned to arrange to film in to ensure there was no confusion with the scenes.
We began the outsides shots of Michela exiting a house, then walking down the alley and being followed by James. We filmed these few scenes in lots of different angles and ways to ensure we make out film more interesting for the audience. The filmed pan shots of both Micheal and James walking past aswell as both still and close up shots of both characters.
We then contuined these shots and further down the alley until we got to arch way. Once we had reached it we filmed the capturing and 'rape' scene. Again we used diffrent shot types such as extreme close ups, mid shots and close ups as well as diffrent angles to create tension with the audince as they will want to see what is going to happen to the victim.
Overall, I think that our second filming day went very well. I felt a lot happier about what we had filmed and felt more confident that when we uploaded it that we would be able to see the action. Although in a few shot it was still hard to see, the night mode on the camera did help very much as we were now able to see exactly what we was filming.