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Final Film Edit

Preliminary Exercise

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

First Filming 06-11-2009

On Friday we filmed the majority of our opening. However, the weather created a few problems for our filming, as it rained heavily throughout the whole time we was on location.

Firstly, we decided to shoot the main section of our opening first where the victim and killer are walking through the alley. Although the alley was lit by street lamps and the actors were visible to the naked eye, the camera did not seem to pick up the light, which therefore made it hard to see the actors on camera. We opted to continue shooting the film as when we upload the film it may be clearer for us to see the actors.
After completely the walking shots we then decided to shoot the "rape" scene which was thankfully under and arch way which sheltered them from the rain. Again, this was lit by multiple street lamps and was clear for us to see the action but the camera seemed to make the whole shot darker and harder to see.
Then we filmed the opening establishing shot which was of a pub and a lamp post, when we edit the film we can put it in the correct order that we want.

Once, we had filmed all the shots that we needed I did feel unsure about whether or not the camera have picked up the light and allowed us to see the actors. As soon as we upload on Monday we will be able to tell whether or not we will have to re-film our opening.